Partnering Eminence In Action

A social business initiative to elevate the IBM Experts to deliver value to IBM Software Business Partners.....more

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Partnering Eminence In Action is a social business initiative to elevate the IBM Experts to deliver value to IBM Software Business Partners

Partnering Eminence In Action

The Partnering Eminence model is intended to be a framework to guide the professional development of the IBM channel practitioners. The primary objective is to transform ourselves as trusted business advisers to our business partners and having a dedication to every business partner’s success. It is through this, that we create preference in our business partners to invest in IBM instead of our competitors.

This framework has 3 dimensions:

  1. Know Your Channel Business
  2. Know Your Partner
  3. Guide Your Partner

Know Your Channel Business

This dimension is all about IBM channel practitioners having an effective working knowledge and understanding of IBM portfolio of products and services, the channel programs, business partner incentives programs, offerings, sales plays…etc.

When applied together with the knowledge about the business partner, channel practitioners earn the trust of their business partner.

Know Your Partner

In this dimension, IBM channel practitioners must endeavour to gather deep insights about their business partners beyond head knowledge.

In addition, it is through deep insights and knowledge about their business partners that channel practitioners become aware of their key strengths and that will help channel practitioners to determine which of the growth option / strategy your business partner is capable of executing.

Through these, channel practitioners become an effective advocate for your business partner within IBM.

Guide Your Partner

This dimension is about Partnering Eminence in Action. It is about providing the much needed business leadership to help business partners achieve their desired growth results and other business benefits.

Success depends on how well channel practitioners leverage upon their understanding of the channel business and their  partners and translating them into tangible benefits. The focus has to be conversations that matter to the business partner

Sunny Lim Sunny Lim, Curator

IBM Software AP BP Enablement and BP Technical Professional