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Client Value Method Overview

The Client Value Method (CVM) is a new sales and delivery engagement method. It’squo;s an end-to-end, closed-loop process that starts with understanding client preferences and ends with their assessing whether IBM and its Business Partners delivered value. CVM replaces the Signature Selling Method (SSM).

CVM provides the IBM and Business Partner team with a common language of words and best practices to create a uniquely positive client experience. It is designed to help sellers articulate and prioritize our client’s agenda, and deliver what we promise.

Team Solution Design (TeamSD) - the single pre-sales solution design method adopted by all IBM brands and service organizations. The TeamSD method provides the standardization, integration and scalability needed to effectively reuse assets and exploit tooling. The result is improved win rates, increased revenue, better profit margins and a happier client.

IBM Team Solution Design for Clients presentation can be delivered by an IBM architect when they work with clients and business partners. While the entire method documentation is cannot be made available to business partners, the following work-products are available to the business partners. They are:

  1. Project Definition,
  2. Viability Assessment and
  3. Estimation Report (and user guide).

In particular the project definition work-product helps business partner to prepare a winning solution and implementation plan.