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Gain skills and certification to achieve authorization

Gain Skills and Certifications to Achieve Authorizations :

A step-by-step guide to the Software Value Plus (SVP) program, and how to become an SVP authorized IBM Business Partner.

Read more about SVP in this blog here.

Business Partner Technical Vitality

Drive increased sales performance

Clients place great emphasis on partnering with firms which have strong product and solution skills. Proof points show that Business Partners with a high level of skills drive more revenue than those with lower level skills. As your sales and technical vitality increases, your credibility with your clients will increase, as well as your potential to become more profitable.

Improve your competitive position

In today’s economic environment you want to distinguish your firm as one that is uniquely capable of delivering business value to its clients. By investing in sales and technical sales skills, your firm can substantially improve its competitive position in the market place.

Demonstrate a higher level of business value

IBM is placing more importance on Business Partners having the skills required to perform their sales and implementation roles. Validation of skills has become a business imperative.

Access your company BPTV Scorecard.

BPTV Scorecard

NOTE: Only an Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) with access to Country Enterprise and above information may access your company’s BPTV scorecard. Help accessing your BPTV scorecard is available via IBM PartnerWorld Contact Services.

To register for your IBM ID and access to PartnerWorld, follow this link.